‘Sex & City’ Star Discusses Regrets

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dive into a heartfelt and revealing story from none other than John Corbett, an actor who’s graced our screens for over three decades. You probably know him best from iconic shows like “Sex and the City” and “Northern Exposure.” But, folks, despite his long and seemingly successful career, Corbett recently shared some surprising insights about his life as an actor on David Spade and Dana Carvey’s “Fly on the Wall” podcast.

John Corbett opened up about his frustrations and regrets over his career choice. He didn’t hold back, saying he feels like he’s in the “fourth quarter” of his life and career. Corbett admitted, “I picked the f—ing wrong thing to do with my life.” That’s a heavy statement, right? Imagine feeling that way after spending decades in a profession.

Why such strong feelings? Well, Corbett explained how much he hates being told what to do, which is a constant in the acting world. He described the experience as, “Dude, stand here, say this, put this on, look this way, say it faster, cut your hair like this.” It sounds like a far cry from the creative freedom one might expect.

Corbett’s frustration doesn’t just stem from being directed; it’s also about his lack of creative input. Despite gaining acclaim for his roles, he feels like he’s always “second, third banana” and not truly collaborating with the writers. He likened the experience to being a puppet, saying, “You feel like a puppet.”

Corbett also compared making movies to sitting in a doctor’s waiting room for hours, describing it as “such a boring f—ing life.” For those who’ve never been on a movie set, Corbett painted a picture of long, tedious hours that can make the process feel like watching paint dry.

Despite these frustrations, Corbett acknowledged the good parts of his life—his beautiful home, the money he’s made, and the recognition he gets in public. However, the lack of fulfillment from his creative work still weighs heavily on him. He lamented not having written a single line or joke, which leaves a gap in his sense of achievement.

Interestingly, Corbett has also explored music, even releasing a country album. Yet, even this creative outlet didn’t fully satisfy him, especially during the downtimes between acting gigs. He shared that in 2022, his phone didn’t ring with opportunities, leaving him feeling unfulfilled despite playing guitar and piano at home.

Now, at 63, Corbett finds contentment in simpler things—spending time at home with his wife, Bo Derek, and their dogs. The couple, who have been together since 2002 and married in 2020, enjoy their private life away from the spotlight. Corbett’s not keen on traveling for films anymore and prefers to say yes only to projects that seem genuinely fun.

However, Corbett did have high praise for his “Sex and the City” co-star, Sarah Jessica Parker. He mentioned, “If I had to act the rest of my life with just one person, it would be her. She’s the best.” And folks, it seems like we might see more of him and Parker together, as he’s been spotted filming for the third season of “And Just Like That,” although no premiere date has been announced yet.