Bibi Responds To Tension

Recently, Biden was caught on a hot mic talking about the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden stated, “I told him, Bibi — don’t repeat this — you and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting.”

An aide then rushed in to warn him that he was on a hot mic when he made the remark. “I’m on a hot mic, well good,” Biden responded. “That was good.”

Netanyahu responded. Here is the translation of the tweet below:

“Netanyahu answered Biden: “He is wrong, this is a policy supported by the vast majority of Israelis” • This after the American president claimed that Netanyahu is hurting Israel.”

A new poll found that a majority of Jewish Israelis support expanding the IDF’s operations in Gaza, with two-thirds of Arabs disagreeing. The survey, conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute, also revealed conflicting views on Israel’s standing in the international arena and its relationship with the United States.

The results showed that around three-quarters of Jewish Israelis support a potential expansion of IDF operations in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where thousands of Palestinians are seeking shelter during the ongoing conflict with Hamas. However, only 45% of left-wing Jewish respondents back this move, while the majority of center and right-wing supporters are in favor.

The poll also highlighted a divide among Israelis regarding Israel’s international situation. While a significant number of Jewish respondents believe the country’s standing is positive (56%), a higher percentage of Arabs (63%) view it as negative. When specifically asked about Israel’s relationship with the US, opinions are split, with some expressing faith in continued support and others expressing uncertainty.

The poll also touched on a hot topic in Israel – the draft exemptions for Ultra-Orthodox Jews. A vast majority of Jewish respondents (70%) believe changes should be made to these exemptions, with a striking 86% of secular Jewish respondents in support. However, only 19% of Haredi respondents agree with these potential changes.

This poll provides insights into the current sentiments of Jewish Israelis towards controversial issues such as the military operations in Gaza, the country’s international standing, and the Ultra-Orthodox draft exemptions. While there is a clear divide between left- and right-wing viewpoints, the majority of Jewish Israelis appear to support a more assertive stance in dealing with Hamas.

The survey also reveals concerns about Israel’s reputation in the international community and its relationship with the US, two factors that could have significant implications for the country’s future.

As tensions in the region continue to escalate, it will be interesting to see how the opinions expressed in this poll develop and potentially change. But for now, one thing is clear – the majority of Jewish Israelis are united in their support for the IDF and their belief that changes are needed regarding the Ultra-Orthodox draft exemptions.

Dailywire | Times Of Israel