Biden Speaks At Rally Post Debate

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dive into the aftermath of what can only be described as a train wreck of a debate for Joe Biden on CNN.

It was so catastrophic that even his staunchest supporters in the Democratic Party couldn’t spin it into a win. The buzz is growing louder: will there even be a second debate in September, or is it time for a change at the top?

Jill Biden even had to take her husband’s hand and practically guide him off the stage. This wasn’t just a minor stumble; it was a glaring indicator of Biden’s struggles. Seeing her help him down the steps is concerning on so many levels.

The liberal media is starting to call for the Democratic National Committee to consider replacing Biden, either at the convention or even sooner. If anything underscored how dire the situation is, it was Jill Biden’s role at the end of the debate. The fact that Joe needed assistance to leave the stage shows just how out of his depth he was, despite extensive preparation.

Yet, even after this debacle, Jill Biden was out there trying to paint a rosy picture at a campaign event. Despite Joe clearly being past his prime and exhausted, she declared, “Joe, you did such a great job. You answered every question. You knew all the facts.” She contrasted this with Trump, claiming he only lied. However, it was Biden who stumbled over facts and misled the audience repeatedly.

Joe stood there, seemingly lost and confused, while Jill praised him like a child being consoled after a rough day at school. It’s hard to watch. Jill’s behavior here is baffling and, frankly, infuriating. Treating him like a child in public, acting as though he had just triumphed in the debate, when it was clearly a disaster, does no one any favors.

In fact, some of Biden’s most glaring moments of incoherence came during this debate. He contradicted himself, especially on the topic of Charlottesville, leading to a moment that was as perplexing as it was worrying.

It’s clear that Biden needs to step aside, but that decision may ultimately lie in Jill Biden’s hands. Unfortunately, her actions suggest she is more focused on maintaining their position than on what is best for the country or her husband. The debate has only made this more apparent, and the fallout continues to grow. Stay tuned, folks, as this story develops.