Transcript Released Before Hearing

Conservatives and Republicans have been warning the American people for months about President Joe Biden’s mental abilities. And now, during his recent interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur, Biden gave a five-hour demonstration of just how much his memory has deteriorated.

Biden stumbled and fumbled over basic facts, struggling to recall when he served as vice president when his son Beau passed away, and even when Trump was elected.

At one point, he couldn’t even remember the term “fax machine” until a White House lawyer stepped in to bail him out.

It’s not surprising that Hur ultimately decided not to prosecute Biden for his mishandling of classified documents. It appears that the special counsel was right in believing that a jury would find Biden to be too old and forgetful to be held accountable for his actions.

During the interview, Biden also seemed confused about when he announced his presidential candidacy and when he left office as vice president.

It’s concerning that someone in a position of power, who is supposed to make important decisions for our country, cannot remember basic details about his own life.

But perhaps the most heartbreaking moment came when Biden struggled to recall when his son Beau died from cancer.

This is not only a personal tragedy for Biden, but also a major factor in his decision not to run for president in the past. For him to forget such an important and emotional event is alarming.

As the elections approach, Republicans must continue to bring attention to Biden’s cognitive decline. We cannot afford to have a president who can’t even remember when his son died or when he served as vice president. Our country’s future depends on it.