Congresswomen Deletes Social Media Posts

It’s no surprise that far-left Reps. Ilhan Omar and Cori Bush once again displayed their complete ignorance and disregard for American traditions.

On Memorial Day, a day reserved for honoring our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for our country, these two clueless congresswomen took to social media to push their radical agendas.

Bush, in a typical liberal fashion, called for universal healthcare and other socialist policies while supposedly honoring our veterans. It’s almost as if she doesn’t realize that these brave men and women fought to protect our freedoms, including the free-market system that allows her to spout such ludicrous ideas.

But what’s even more alarming is that Omar, who has a history of making anti-American and anti-Semitic statements, couldn’t even get the basic purpose of Memorial Day right. In her tweet, she pledged support for “quality mental health services, job opportunities, housing assistance, and the benefits they were promised” for our fallen heroes. News flash, Omar, those benefits are for LIVING veterans on Veterans Day, not for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

It’s no wonder they both quickly deleted their embarrassing posts when they faced backlash from actual Americans who understand the significance of Memorial Day. But not before popular conservative commentator AG called them out for their ignorance, and Town Hall writer John Hasson pointed out how fitting it is for Omar to misunderstand once again and misrepresent an American tradition.

And let’s not forget Libs of TikTok, who also called out Bush’s confusion and swift deletion of her tweet. It seems these clueless congresswomen can’t even keep up with their own nonsensical statements.

It’s a sad reality that these are the people representing American citizens in our government. Instead of honoring and respecting those who have given their lives for our country, they use the day to push their own divisive agendas. This is just another example of how out of touch the far-left has become with real American values.

It’s time we demand better from our elected officials and start holding them accountable for their ignorance and disrespect toward our country and its traditions. As their posts have shown, some of them clearly have no idea what Memorial Day is truly about.