Dan Bongino & Fox News Split!

Conservative media personality and former New York City police officer, Dan Bongino, has announced that he is leaving Fox News after ten years with the network. Bongino, who began hosting the Saturday-night program “Unfiltered With Dan Bongino” on Fox News in 2021, revealed on his podcast that the network and he could not come to terms on a new contract.

Despite being one of the most right-leaning hosts in the Fox News stable, Bongino was not a prominent part of the recent Dominion Voting Systems defamation trial, nor was he slated to testify. However, Bongino has been known to amplify dubious controversies, such as taking on policies that mandate getting a coronavirus vaccine, or telling social-media followers that Democrats were trying to orchestrate a coup during the 2020 presidential election.

In a statement, Fox News thanked Bongino for his contributions and wished him success in his future endeavors. The network intends to air “Lawrence Jones Cross Country” in place of Bongino’s program Saturday night while filling 10 p.m. with an encore of the weekday 11 p.m. program “Gutfeld!”. Fox News plans to unveil a new schedule in the coming weeks.

Bongino’s exit has been described as amicable, with the host stating that he had enjoyed himself at Fox News over the last decade. He went on to say that the network had allowed him to do a show called “Unfiltered,” where he could cover the topics he wanted to cover, but ultimately he had decided it was time to move on. Despite the end of his tenure at Fox News, Bongino remains one of the most popular pundits in conservative-media circles, with a large following on social media and popular radio programs.