Dems Openly Blasting Biden in PROFANE Rants

The stagnation of this White House has been otherworldly, and Americans are losing their patience with an administration that just can’t seem to get much of anything accomplished.

Joe Biden, who didn’t appear as though he was interested in running for President in the first place, has squandered his Democratic majority in Congress, frustrating the party itself. What’s more, his performance has been such a disappointment that the left is now preparing to watch a giant red wave erase their advantage in the Legislative Branch.

This has some within the party freaking out.

Democrats are growing increasingly frustrated by what they say is a flat-footed White House that is slow to catch up on solving a seemingly never-ending cascade of problems in the face of an unrelenting news cycle.

They point to the recent baby formula shortage as the latest example of how President Biden has failed to get ahead of the story, allowing Republicans to set the narrative as yet another failure for the White House. But they also highlighted Biden’s lag on other issues at the top of voter’s minds: inflation and gas prices.

Democrats were also miffed when the White House was caught off guard when a federal judge in Florida lifted the mask mandate on airlines in April and also when a leaked draft of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was made public, even though both were events that surprised Washington more broadly — not just the White House.

And they’re not holding back…

“It’s really simple: ‘Be the f—ing president!,” said one Democratic strategist frustrated by the administration. “I realize it’s tough and you’re drinking out of a fire hose every single day, but there are things you can do to control the public perception and they haven’t done any of that.”

Biden’s polling numbers have been ostensibly awful from the onset of his presidency, and continues to swirl the drain even 18 months into his first term.