Several Arrested At Emerson College

Emerson College was plunged into chaos early Thursday, as over 100 arrests were made after protesters clashed with Boston police while trying to erect a pro-Palestinian encampment.

The incident, which took place in the wee hours of the morning, saw four police officers injured as they attempted to clear the area and restore order.

The encampment, set up by students in solidarity with protesters arrested at Columbia University earlier this week, became a public safety hazard as tents blocked access to the right of way and posed a fire hazard. Despite repeated warnings from police and college officials, the protesters refused to comply with orders to clear the area and were subsequently arrested.

Video footage from the scene captured officers in full protective gear as they walked through the crowd, attempting to restore order. While some protesters complied with police orders, others resisted and had to be dragged away and arrested. One witness reported seeing an officer being shoved to the ground while trying to make an arrest.

The Emerson College president, Jay Bernhard, addressed the incident in a letter to the community, stating that while the college respects and supports peaceful protests, the encampment had violated city ordinances and posed a threat to the surrounding residents and businesses. Additionally, the encampment’s location on a fire alley with a public right of way impeded access to non-Emerson buildings, including the State Transportation Center.

This incident follows a similar protest at Harvard University, where pro-Palestinian protesters set up an encampment in Harvard Yard.

As tensions continue to rise over the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, student-led demonstrations and encampments have been popping up at colleges and universities across the nation.

While colleges and universities have a responsibility to uphold the First Amendment rights of their students, they also have a duty to ensure the safety of their campus and surrounding community. The ACLU has been urging administrators to exercise restraint in dealing with these demonstrations, but the continued defiance of protesters only puts law enforcement in a difficult position.

As calls for divestment from companies and institutions supporting Israel grow louder, it is important to remember that the United States has long been a staunch ally of Israel. It’s important to remember that Israel has been crucial in maintaining stability in the Middle East and that we must not let student protests sway our stance.

The incident at Emerson College reminds us that while freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are important, they must be exercised within the bounds of the law and must not pose a threat to public safety.