Reporter Has Tense Exchange With Protestor

Fox News journalist Lawrence Jones was met with an uncomfortable exchange during a live report from a protest at Columbia University on Tuesday. Jones was speaking with an activist who went by the name “Lilian” about the ongoing protests at the university when the conversation took a strange turn.

As Jones questioned Lilian about the occupation of Hamilton Hall and the reported hostage situation involving janitors and faculty members, she dismissed these concerns as a “false narrative.” But it was her response to Jones’ question about Jewish students feeling unsafe on campus that really raised eyebrows.

When asked about the safety of Jewish students, Lilian again called it a “false narrative,” apparently denying that these students feel threatened. Jones was quick to point out the October 7th attack on campus, where several women were reportedly raped. But Lilian refused to respond, instead walking away and telling Jones to “get out of [her] face.”

The awkward exchange continued as Jones tried to keep asking questions, but Lilian was clearly not interested in continuing the conversation. Her reason for cutting it short? “My colleague just came back on,” she claimed.

It’s no surprise that tensions are high at Columbia University, where students have been occupying buildings and demanding an end to US aid to Israel. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has sparked protests across the country, with students demanding their schools cut ties with Israel until the “occupation” is over.

But let’s not forget that Israel is responding to constant attacks from Hamas, a recognized terrorist group that has killed and kidnapped innocent civilians. It seems that Lilian and her fellow activists are more concerned with promoting their own agenda than recognizing the reality of the situation.

It’s a shame that Jones was met with such hostility and dismissiveness from Lilian, who refused even to acknowledge the safety concerns of Jewish students on campus. Clearly, the activist’s priorities lie elsewhere, but for the safety of all students, it’s important to address these issues and not dismiss them as a “false narrative.”

Like many others across the country, this protest has become more about pushing a political agenda than addressing real issues.