Obama Comments On Trump During Podcast Interview

In a recent interview on the Smartless podcast, former President Barack Obama made a bold claim about Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s popularity in his native New York. Despite Trump’s business success and support from local labor unions and small business owners, Obama claimed that “nobody in New York likes him.” This statement is not only untrue, but it also reveals the elitist and out-of-touch attitude of the Democratic party.

“There’s nobody in New York who does business with him, or, or, or, or, or, or lend him money [sic]. He’s not considered a serious guy here,” Obama said.

First of all, it is clear that Obama and his fellow Democrats have a distorted view of success and popularity. While Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, have never built successful businesses, Trump has a long track record of creating jobs and wealth in New York City. In fact, Trump has received endorsements from major unions and small business owners in the city, proving that he is well-respected and popular within his own community.

Contrary to Obama’s claims, Trump’s strong support among construction workers in New York is further evidence of his popularity. Just last week, Trump was greeted with cheering and chants of “We want Trump!” and “USA!” as he made his way to a courthouse in Manhattan. This enthusiastic reception stands in stark contrast to the lukewarm reaction Biden received when he visited a bodega in Harlem, with residents actually chanting “Four more years!” in reference to Trump.

It’s clear that Obama’s comments about Trump’s unpopularity in New York are not based on facts, but rather on his own biased and unfounded opinions. This is not surprising coming from a former president who has a history of dismissing and belittling those who do not share his views.

What is particularly frustrating about Obama’s comments is the elitist attitude they reveal. By claiming that Trump is not “considered a serious guy” in New York, Obama is essentially saying that the hard-working, blue-collar Americans who support Trump are not important or relevant in his worldview. This kind of condescending attitude towards everyday Americans is one of the reasons why many voters feel alienated and turned off by the Democratic party.

It is clear that Obama’s claims about Trump’s unpopularity in New York are nothing more than baseless attacks from a party desperate to regain power. Instead of engaging in petty and false attacks, Democrats should focus on real issues and present solutions to the problems facing our country.