Florida Congressman Helps Get 13 More Americans Out Of Haiti

As the saying goes, some records you hope to beat, while others are a badge of shame.

Unfortunately, it seems like the current Biden administration has acquired the latter. Since taking office, President Joe Biden has presided over more evacuations of U.S. embassies than any other presidential administration in history.

To put it simply, Biden has made a mess of things. The recent evacuation of the embassy in Haiti is just the latest example of Biden’s failures on the international stage.

Since taking office, his State Department has partially or fully evacuated a shocking total of 11 U.S. embassies through what are known as authorized or ordered departure directives. In comparison, President Barack Obama oversaw eight embassy evacuations over the course of two terms, and President Donald Trump only had three in his four years as president.

What’s even more alarming is that the evacuations have required military protection to ensure the safe escort of Americans out of dangerous situations. This is not a good look for a president who promised to make the world safer. Instead, Biden has made it more dangerous for Americans and the rest of the world.

The countries that have been evacuated under Biden’s leadership include Burma, Chad, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Nigeria, Sudan, Niger, and Haiti. While some of these countries are known for being unstable, the fact that each has gotten significantly less safe for American diplomats during Biden’s presidency is concerning.

It’s no surprise that Haiti has made the list multiple times, as Biden has promised to pay special attention to the country, yet it continues to spiral into chaos. Gangs have taken over, and U.S. Embassy staff have been evacuated four times since January.

Recently, nonessential staff were airlifted out by the Marine Corps in a nighttime operation. And yet, the administration has failed to mention the Americans still trapped on the island or announce any plans for their rescue.

It has taken a Florida congressman to step up and assist in evacuating Americans from Haiti. Rep. Cory Mills has successfully helped evacuate 13 Americans from the country, highlighting the administration’s pattern of abandonment. “American lives deserve support from their government, not the pattern of abandonment this [Biden] administration has shown,” Mills stated.

“This mission reiterates a disturbing reality under President Biden’s leadership: American lives are continually jeopardized,” Mills told Fox News Digital. “I have led missions to rescue Americans multiple times when Joe Biden has deserted them.”

“There’s a clear pattern of abandonment,” Mills added, citing his rescue missions in Afghanistan following the U.S. military drawdown in 2021 and the rescue of Americans from Israel in late 2023. “Yet again, this group was left behind by Biden and his State Department after requesting their help in-country.”

Unfortunately, this disastrous trend of failure and abandonment is not just limited to Haiti. With the recent events in Afghanistan and the ongoing hostage situation with Hamas, it’s clear that Biden and his team are not capable of handling foreign affairs and protecting American citizens abroad.