Video Creates Discussion About Biden Policy

In a disturbing and alarming video that has quickly gone viral, hundreds of military-aged males were seen brazenly pushing through Texas National Guard soldiers and forcefully storming the U.S. southern border. And while the footage speaks for itself, the man ultimately responsible for this shocking scene is President Joe Biden.

As the New York Post captured the chaos on camera, the illegal aliens broke through razor wire and fencing, pushing aside any resistance from the soldiers. This blatant disregard for our national security and the safety of American citizens is a direct result of Biden’s failure to address the growing crisis at our southern border.

Governor Greg Abbott, who has tirelessly worked to maintain order in his state, had to step in and regain control of the situation. He wasted no time in making it clear that the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety would not tolerate any further attempts to breach our border and cause harm.

“The TX National Guard & Dept. of Public Safety quickly regained control & are redoubling the razor wire barriers,” Abbott said. “DPS is instructed to arrest every illegal immigrant involved for criminal trespass & destruction of property.”

But the question remains: why is this happening? The answer is simple: Biden’s open border policies have created a magnet for illegal immigrants, encouraging them to break our laws and invade our country. And now, his reckless actions have led to a terrifying scene of violence and chaos on our own soil.

Yet, in typical fashion, Biden and his administration refuse to take responsibility and acknowledge this as a crisis. Instead, they spin it as a mere “challenge” that they will address at some point in the future. But would they be so dismissive if it were their own families at risk from violent illegal aliens?

Senator Joni Ernst spoke out with the hard truth: Biden has created this invasion, but he and his cronies are too blind to see it. As for the Democrats calling for “defunding the police,” perhaps they should take a good look at the heroic work of the Texas law enforcement officials who have been tasked with handling this situation.

“President Biden has created this invasion on our southern border,” said Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA). “But walls work — let’s build it and finish it!”

Senator Ted Cruz’s statement hits the nail on the head: the Biden Border Crisis is an invasion, plain and simple. And anyone who denies this is either lying or willfully ignorant. It’s time for our president to put on his big boy pants and do his job of protecting our nation rather than turning a blind eye and hoping the problem will magically disappear.

But until Biden and his team step up and take real action to secure our border and protect American citizens, we can expect to see more scenes like this, with our own soldiers being assaulted and our national security threatened. It’s time for new leadership in the White House that will put America first and prioritize the safety and security of its citizens above all else.