Kamala Gives Interview On ‘The View’

Despite Vice President Kamala Harris’ appearance on the liberal daytime talk show “The View” this week, her presence on the program isn’t the most controversial thing to come out of the appearance. Instead, the attention has turned to a clip from the show on Wednesday in which Harris claimed to be “scared as heck” of the possibility that former President Donald Trump could win again in 2024.

Harris’ remarks have been widely criticized by conservatives and media outlets alike for being both alarmist and baseless. But even more troubling is the response from her fellow cohosts on the show. During Thursday’s broadcast, the women seemed to be doing damage control for Harris’ comments, spinning her words and attempting to clarify her stance.

Whoopi Goldberg, one of the cohosts and an outspoken critic of Trump, led off the discussion by labeling his supporters as “snow-flakiest people.” She also claimed that there is plenty to fear with regard to Trump, even if she still refuses to say his name aloud.

Joy Behar, another cohost, attempted to cover for Harris by suggesting that she didn’t mean she was “personally scared” of Trump, but rather for the country as a whole. Behar should know better than to try and whitewash her fellow host’s harmful rhetoric.

Sunny Hostin, also a cohost, took things a step further, attempting to paint anyone who supports Trump as a danger to the country. “There have been great nations that no longer exist because of someone like a Donald Trump,” she claimed, completely ignoring the fact that Trump oversaw a booming economy and job market before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rounding out the conversation was host Sarah Haines, who praised Harris for “calling it like it is.” It seems that the left’s definition of “calling it like it is” involves using hyperbole and fear-mongering to push their agendas.

Finally, Goldberg doubled down on her cohosts’ claims, saying that Harris’ admission of being scared only proves how “brave” she is. It’s almost as if the cohosts are trying to paint the Vice President as a victim for her baseless claims.