New Version of Scrabble To Be Released In Europe

Mattel, the company known for bringing families together over classic board games, has announced a new version of Scrabble in a desperate attempt to cater to the fragile egos of the Gen Z generation.

Yes, you heard that right. The iconic game that has been beloved for 75 years is now being watered down to appease the delicate feelings of a group known for their participation trophies and safe spaces.

According to reports, the new version of Scrabble will have two sides – one for the traditional game and one for the snowflakes of our society. The second side, aptly named “Scrabble Together,” will have easier scoring and helper cards to make the game less competitive and more “inclusive.”

Gone are the days of a good old-fashioned battle of the brains. Instead, we have a game where everyone is a winner, and no one has to face the reality of losing. This is just another example of the entitled mindset of Gen Z – always expecting a shortcut or special treatment.

But don’t just take our word for it. BBC Radio 4 Today spoke to Gyles Brandreth, president of British Scrabble, who confirmed that Mattel’s decision was based on research that showed younger people were not keen on the “competitive nature” of the traditional game. In other words, Gen Z can’t handle a little healthy competition.

Of course, this move has sparked backlash online, with many calling it “Scrabble for Snowflakes” and “Woke Scrabble.” And we couldn’t agree more. It seems like everything these days has to be catered to the feelings of this overly sensitive generation.

But let’s not forget about the other side of this coin – the true Scrabble enthusiasts who have been playing and mastering the game for decades. How insulting must it be for them to have their beloved game changed to accommodate a group who can’t handle a little friendly competition?

Brett Smitheram, a previous World Scrabble Champion, even had the audacity to say that this new version “speaks to a trend in younger people who want to avoid competitive games.” How about instead of avoiding them, they actually learn how to handle competition and use it as motivation to improve instead of being coddled?

And let’s not forget about the irony here. Scrabble was always a game that celebrated the beauty and complexity of language. But now, with the addition of helper cards and prompts, it’s no longer about skill and knowledge but luck and chance.

Mattel’s motive for releasing this new version is clear – profit. They want to appeal to a younger audience in hopes of boosting sales. But at what cost? Sacrificing the integrity of a classic game just to make a quick buck is a sad representation of the state of our society.

The new version of Scrabble is just another example of the entitled and fragile nature of the Gen Z generation, and it’s a disgrace to the original game that has stood the test of time. It’s time for our society to toughen up and stop catering to the snowflakes. As the saying goes, if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the game.