Protests Continue At GWU

Washington D.C. has seen its fair share of protests and demonstrations, but the anti-Israel encampment at George Washington University (GWU) has taken things to a whole new level.

The so-called “anarchist” group, who have set up camp on campus for the past 14 days, have resorted to calling for the beheadings of school administrators and causing chaos in the U-Yard.

In a resurfaced video, protesters can be heard chanting “Guillotine” repeatedly, calling for GWU President Ellen Granberg and other school administrators to be beheaded. This is the type of violent and extreme language that has become all too common among the Left, who seem to think that violence and intimidation is an acceptable form of protest.

But it wasn’t just the school administrators who were targeted by these radical protesters. Christopher Alan Bracey, GWU’s African American provost, was also called out and accused of “assaulting students.” The protesters’ disregard for the truth and their eagerness to fabricate accusations against those in positions of authority is alarming.

During the encampment, the protesters even held a mock court session, pretending to “decide the fate” of the school administrators. In a disturbing display, they shouted for the administrators to be beheaded, as if this is an acceptable form of justice. This is a clear indication that these anarchists have no respect for the rule of law and believe they can take matters into their own hands.

The chaos and violence didn’t stop there. The protesters also defaced a statue of George Washington, the university’s namesake, with Palestinian propaganda. This included adding “Free Palestine” stickers to the statue, further disrespecting the history and significance of the university. They even went so far as to erect an American flag with the words “Genocide Joe” in an attempt to incite further division and hatred.

It took police until 3:30 a.m. to finally move in and use pepper spray to disperse the unruly crowd, but not before at least 35 people were arrested. Yet, despite the clear and blatant disregard for law and order, some elected officials have been slow to respond. It wasn’t until Republican representative James Comer spoke out and called for a hearing that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and police chief Pamela Smith agreed to testify.

These anarchists may claim to be fighting for a cause, but their actions show that they are nothing more than violent agitators with no regard for the safety of others. It’s time for our elected officials to stand up to these extremists and ensure that incidents like this will not be tolerated on our college campuses or anywhere else in our country.