Cevallos Discusses Daniels Testimony On MSNBC

It was another day of dramatics in the New York courtroom as the jury in former President Trump’s hush money case was treated to some truly salacious details.

Stormy Daniels, the porn actor involved in the scandal, finally took the stand and left little to the imagination with her testimony about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

Daniels gave the jury a play-by-play of her alleged tryst with the former president. And in case there was any doubt, she confirmed that she does, in fact, hate Trump and wants him held accountable. Nothing like a little bias from a key witness to make a case seem fair and impartial.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s lawyers were less than thrilled with the graphic details and attempts to portray their client as a corrupt and immoral man. They even went so far as to call for a mistrial, arguing that the jury was being unfairly swayed by the salacious testimony. But the judge denied their motion, who instead opted to give the jury a stern warning about using the details in their deliberations.

Throughout Daniels’s testimony, Trump remained stoic, occasionally appearing frustrated and even turning his attention away from the monitors to check his phone. And who could blame him? The constant barrage of graphic details about his private life must have been exhausting.

But the real question is, why are we even hearing from Stormy Daniels at all? Trump’s lawyers tried to prevent her from taking the stand in the first place, but the prosecution insisted that her testimony was crucial to the case. And, of course, the media couldn’t resist covering every minute of it, even cutting away from a speech by President Biden to give their audience a front-row seat to the theatrics in the courtroom.

It’s becoming all too common for the left to use salacious stories and biased witnesses to try and take down their political opponents. First, it was the Russia hoax, then the Ukraine scandal, and now a hush-money case involving a porn actor. When will they realize that the American people are tired of these baseless attacks and want our country to move forward? Even some of the left-wing media has had enough of Daniels and her ridiculous testimony.


As the trial continues, one thing is for sure: the Democrats will stop at nothing to try and discredit Trump and his presidency.