Professor Faces Backlash After Video

The United States of America is under attack, not by a foreign enemy, but by the very people who claim to be our own.

Over at UC Davis, Professor Seeta Chaganti has canceled her classes and encouraged her students to skip school and participate in violent protests. She even called for a student to kill herself.  Sounds like a model citizen who should be teaching our children.

Professor Seeta Chaganti at UC DavisThis is not the first time that Chaganti has shown her true colors as a radical leftist, following in the footsteps of her peers who have called for the murders of Zionist journalists and actively support anti-Semitic movements.

But let’s be clear: these are not peaceful protests. These are acts of aggression against those who hold different beliefs. Our Jewish professors are being harassed on campus simply because they do not adhere to the leftist ideology favored by Chaganti and her followers.

These students, or should I say brainwashed puppets, are nothing more than brownshirts of the leftist movement. The same movement that the Biden administration is desperately trying to appease while simultaneously claiming to support Israel. It’s a disgusting display of political pandering and betrayal to our closest ally in the Middle East.

And where are the consequences of these acts of violence? Where is the punishment for those who call for the death of others and openly harass their fellow students and professors? It seems that these radical leftist professors and students can do no wrong in the eyes of the administration. They are free to spread hate and destruction, all in the name of “social justice.”

But let’s not be fooled. This is not about social justice. This is about destroying our society and replacing it with a Marxist regime where the elite control everything, and the rest of us are left to beg for scraps. All under the guise of “decolonization” and “revolution”. And who fuels this dangerous ideology? These so-called educated professors, who should be teaching critical thinking and open dialogue, but instead are brainwashing our youth with their radical beliefs.

It’s time for these universities to take a stand against these dangerous ideologies and hold these professors accountable for their actions. Because if we don’t, our great nation is at risk of becoming the next Venezuela. And it’s all happening right under our noses, funded by our own tax dollars. It’s time to wake up and see the truth. The future of America depends on it.