Police Release Statement After Steve Busemi Incident

The streets of New York were once again filled with chaos and violence as beloved actor Steve Buscemi fell victim to yet another random attack.

The 66-year-old star, known for his roles in “Fargo” and “Boardwalk Empire,” was assaulted while simply walking the streets of Mid-Town Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon.

According to reports, Buscemi was taken to a nearby hospital with bruising, swelling, and bleeding to his left eye. The attacker, described as a bearded man wearing a baseball hat and carrying a backpack, has yet to be captured by the police.

This recent incident adds to the growing list of violent attacks in the city, leaving many questioning the safety of its streets. The New York Police Department has released surveillance photos of the alleged attacker, hoping the public can help identify and apprehend this dangerous individual.

NYPD is looking for the suspect who attacked actor Steve Buscemi in Manhattan on Wednesday morning. (New York Post)

It is a sad day when innocent people cannot walk the streets of New York City for fear of being attacked. This is just another example of the failing policies of the liberal leaders in New York. For far too long, they have turned a blind eye to the rampant violence and crime plaguing their streets.

Even worse, this is not an isolated incident. Just a few weeks ago, Buscemi’s “Boardwalk Empire” co-star Michael Stuhlbarg was also attacked while walking in Central Park. The attacker, a homeless man, was quickly taken into custody. This begs the question – who is responsible for allowing these dangerous individuals to roam free and terrorize innocent New Yorkers?

Something needs to be done to protect the citizens of New York. The current leadership has failed to do so, and it is time for a change. Republican leaders have been calling for increased funding for law enforcement and stricter punishment for violent crimes. It is time for New Yorkers to reconsider the policies and politicians they have blindly supported for far too long.

Let this serve as a wake-up call – lately, there have been many people randomly assaulted on the streets of New York, and no one is safe. We must demand action and demand it now. It is time to take back our streets and make New York a safe and prosperous place for all its citizens.