Biden Social Media Post Draws Debate

President Biden faced swift backlash and criticism from conservative voices after posting a claim on social media that he keeps his promises and doesn’t leave anyone behind.

The post, made on X Thursday, featured a photo of Biden at a podium with a large American flag and construction workers in the background.

“On my watch, when we make promises, we keep them,” Biden wrote on X Thursday. “And we leave no one behind.”

However, the post was met with a flood of comments pointing out multiple examples of Biden breaking promises and abandoning both Americans and allies.

Speaker Mike Johnson called out Biden for leaving American hostages in Gaza and abandoning allies in Afghanistan. This sentiment was echoed by many others who cited specific instances of Biden’s broken promises.

For example, Sussex Friends of Israel tweeted about Biden’s decision to leave five American hostages behind in Gaza, highlighting the incompetence of his administration. Radio host Larry O’Connor pointed out the irony of Biden claiming to leave no one behind while simultaneously leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan and aiding and abetting terrorists.

Critics also highlighted how Biden’s post lacked empathy and tone-deafness. The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin questioned Biden’s statement, reminding him of the Americans still being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

Rep. Byron Donalds pointed out the reality of Biden leaving behind Americans in Afghanistan, while Rep. Brian Mast listed numerous examples of people being left behind by Biden’s failed policies.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Jeremy Redfern, pointed out how Biden’s statement does not ring true for many Americans, including those stuck or held hostage in Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip, and Haiti. Others mocked Biden by asking about his unfulfilled promise to cure cancer and highlighting his broken campaign promises, such as reducing inflation and illegal immigration.

Many pointed out the absurdity of Biden’s claim, given the nation’s current state, including record inflation, gas prices, and illegal immigration. Harrison Fields from The Heritage Foundation listed several records that Biden has broken, all of which are the wrong kind.

When asked to clarify, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates claimed that Biden has kept his promises by empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices and rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

As usual, Biden’s statements do not reflect reality.