RAID?! FBI Makes ENORMOUS Move in Joe Biden Document Probe

The moment that Americans learned of President Joe Biden’s trove of classified documents stashed across a number of his personal properties, alarm bells started ringing.

This was, after all, an even more egregious example of government malfeasance than former President Donald Trump’s singular stash at Mar-a-Lago – a tranche that the National Archives actively knew about.  In Biden’s case, the former Vice President has unfathomably suggested that he wasn’t aware that he was harboring national secrets at home.

And so the nation wondered:  Why was Biden being treated so differently?  After all, this is the same administration that used armed FBI agents to lay siege to Mar-a-Lago back in August.

Well this week, Biden seems to have gotten at least partial comeuppance.

FBI agents on Wednesday are searching the Rehoboth, Delaware, beach home of President Joe Biden as part of an investigation into the previous discovery of classified documents at other locations connected to the president, his personal lawyer said.

The planned, consensual visit is the first publicly known time that the FBI conducted a search of the Rehoboth residence. Agents did not obtain a warrant for the search.

The Department of Justice is investigating the discovery of classified documents at a private office in a Washington, D.C., think tank that Biden had used while a private citizen, and at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

If the FBI were to discover additional documents, it could spell real trouble for the Commander in Chief.

Biden’s personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, previously has said that the president’s lawyers searched the Rehoboth home and the Wilmington residence on Jan. 11.

Biden is expected to announce his reelection campaign in the coming weeks, perhaps shortly after his State of the Union speech, and further evidence of wrongdoing in regard to these documents could certainly affect the wisdom of that decision.