Target Grows Larger on the Back of Florida’s Governor

As the nation continues to ponder the possibilities for the 2024 election, there is still plenty of mystery out there to be inspected.

We know for sure that Donald Trump is jumping back into the mix, as he’s the only candidate that has fully announced his bid for the White House.  Incumbent President Joe Biden is almost a sure thing at this point, after sources within the administration admitted that they’re already picking out dates for the big reveal.

But beyond that, it’s just about anyone’s guess.  Perhaps the most realistic possibility that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis jumps into the race, perhaps at a time that is legally perilous for Trump.

The GOP is so certain that DeSantis will be a part of 2024’s race that they’ve begun to preemptively attack him.

In recent days, DeSantis has found himself on the receiving end of criticism from fellow GOP heavy hitters, like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu. He’s also rankled former President Trump, who’s running for the White House once again and sees DeSantis as perhaps his biggest obstacle to securing the GOP nod.

The Sunshine State lawmaker’s growing national presence may have been the impetus of the insults.

DeSantis hasn’t yet decided on a presidential bid and is still likely months away from making any kind of announcement about his intentions. But the recent criticism underscores the extent to which the Florida governor’s profile has risen and foreshadows a potentially bitter 2024 primary season for the party.

Furthermore, a number of recent surveys have shown DeSantis topping Trump in a theoretical primary match-up, prompting the former President to increase the ferocity of his attacks on the Florida Governor.