Thompson Releases Fact Sheet

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson has introduced a new bill that, if passed, could strip former President Donald Trump of Secret Service protection. This move comes as Trump continues to face numerous criminal charges in both federal and state courts while considering running for another term in the White House.

Under the proposed bill, any person who has been convicted of a federal or state offense that carries a sentence of at least one year in prison would be ineligible to receive Secret Service protection. This could potentially impact Trump if he is convicted of any of the charges against him.

Thompson, who led the now-disbanded January 6 Committee, says the current law does not anticipate how Secret Service protection would affect a convicted protectee, and he believes it is necessary to update the legislation. He also claims that Trump should not receive special treatment and should serve any prison time required of him.

“Unfortunately, current law doesn’t anticipate how Secret Service protection would impact the felony prison sentence of a protectee — even a former President. It is regrettable that it has come to this, but this previously unthought-of scenario could become our reality,” Thompson said.

“Therefore, it is necessary for us to be prepared and update the law so the American people can be assured that protective status does not translate into special treatment — and that those who are sentenced to prison will indeed serve the time required of them,” he continued.

However, this move is clearly politically motivated, as Thompson’s “DISGRACE Former Protectees Act” clearly targets Trump, the Republican party leader. It is also worth noting that the chances of this bill passing are slim, as Republicans control the House and have largely supported Trump.

Thompson’s bill comes after he and his fellow Democrats on the January 6 Committee recommended that the Department of Justice charge Trump for his alleged role in the Capitol breach on January 6, 2021. Trump has vehemently denied any involvement and has called the committee a “witch hunt” led by political hacks.

In addition, Trump has also criticized former Rep. Liz Cheney and other members of the committee, calling for them to be jailed. This shows that not only is this bill targeting Trump, but it also aligns with the accusations being made against him by Democrats.