Biden Official Comments On University Investigation

Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s recent comments have sent shockwaves throughout the conservative community.

It appears that Grand Canyon University, the largest Christian university in the United States, maybe the latest target of the Biden administration’s efforts to crack down on for-profit colleges.

During a House Appropriations Committee hearing, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat from Connecticut, asked Cardona how the administration is working to shut down GCU, accusing it of being a “predatory for-profit school.” In response, Cardona openly embraced their enforcement methods, vowing to “crackdown” on schools like GCU that allegedly prey on first-generation students.

This blatant attack on GCU is deeply troubling and reflects the Biden administration’s bias against Christian values and conservative beliefs. GCU is being unfairly targeted and singled out for enforcement actions not shared by any of the other 26 regulatory and accrediting bodies overseeing the university.

But the Department of Education seems determined to push its progressive agenda, even if it means unfairly penalizing a renowned Christian institution. In fact, this is just the latest in a series of efforts by the Biden administration to punish faith-based organizations and promote far-left values.

Thankfully, some organizations and individuals are standing up against this egregious abuse of power. The American Principles Project has launched a petition demanding that the administration halt its crusade against faith-based institutions and allow students to choose the schools that align with their values.

The Goldwater Institute has also filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education for refusing to turn over public records related to their fines against GCU, raising questions about the government’s coordination and intention in targeting the university.

The federal government is overstepping its bounds and attempting to dictate what beliefs and values are acceptable in higher education. This is not only a threat to the freedom of Christian institutions but also to all Americans who believe in the right to choose their own education.

The Department of Education’s actions against GCU are irresponsible and misguided. The American people are losing confidence in the government’s ability to be fair and unbiased in its operations. It’s time for accountability and for the Biden administration to retract its statements and halt its crusade against Christian universities.

GCU has been unfairly targeted and punished simply for upholding its values and beliefs. This is a concerning trend that must be addressed before other faith-based institutions are targeted in the same way. The Department of Education needs to be held accountable for its actions and prevented from further targeting successful institutions based on flimsy allegations.

It’s time to stand up for religious freedom and the right to choose our own education. Let’s send a message to the Biden administration that their unfair targeting of GCU and other Christian universities will not be tolerated. We must continue to fight for true education freedom and reject attempts to force progressive ideologies onto our education system.