Trump Lawyer Concerned over NY AG’s Bias in Civil Fraud Case

In a recent appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Trump attorney Alina Habba asserted that the civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump in New York should be dismissed by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Speaking with host Maria Bartiromo, Habba announced her intention to file for a mistrial but noted the challenge posed by the judge, who had previously issued a gag order in the case.

Bartiromo questioned the allegations that Trump overvalued assets, pressing Habba on whether auditors were involved in the valuation process. Habba responded, revealing that Trump engaged an accounting firm to compile the valuations and emphasized that the lenders, including Deutsche Bank, were sophisticated entities who were paid on time and with interest.

Habba accused James of overstepping boundaries by delving into the affairs of private companies and individuals under the guise of a consumer fraud law. She argued that the law was being misused to exert control and limit the involvement of a jury, contending that such legal maneuvers were nonsensical. Habba expressed frustration with the judge, whom she accused of displaying a bias favoring the opposing side throughout the proceedings.

Bartiromo turned the conversation towards Trump’s children, who have testified in the case. Habba asserted that Trump’s children were not involved and had no relevance to the charges at hand. She suggested that the inclusion of the children in the complaint was a strategic move by James to garner more media attention and create a perception of wrongdoing.

Habba defended the Trump children, stating that they had done nothing wrong and emphasizing that no harm had come to anyone involved. She criticized James for allegedly pursuing the case to fulfill a campaign promise, asserting that the attorney general should dismiss the case as it was tarnishing her image and diverting attention from more pressing matters in the city.

Fox News