Sunny Hostin Comments ON Protests

ABC News’ “View” co-host Sunny Hostin has once again revealed her true far-left ideology by fabricating false claims about the recent pro-Hamas protests on college campuses.

On Monday’s episode of the daytime talk show, Hostin insisted that the anti-Semitic demonstrations are simply “anti-war protests” and that there is nothing to be concerned about.

But let’s set the record straight: These protests are anything but peaceful and have nothing to do with promoting peace in the Middle East. In fact, at many of these demonstrations, protesters have openly expressed their support for terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. Some have even chanted slogans found on ISIS flags. How is that an “anti-war protest”?

Hostin also tried to compare these protests to the anti-war demonstrations of the 1960s and 1980s, but she conveniently forgot to mention the glaring differences. Unlike the current situation, those protests were aimed at the United States government and its policies, not at a specific country and its people. This false equivalence proves Hostin’s lack of knowledge and understanding of history.

But perhaps the most absurd claim made by Hostin was that the protests are not about taking sides between Israel and Palestine. Has she not seen the countless videos of protesters chanting “intifada,” which is a call for violence against Israel and its supporters? It’s clear that these demonstrations are not about promoting peace but instead are promoting terrorism.

Hostin also tried to defend a professor at Emory University who was arrested during these protests, claiming that she was “thrown to the ground simply for asking the police, ‘What are you doing to these peacefully protesting students?’” However, it was later revealed that the professor admitted to hitting a police officer on the head lightly. If Hostin has such a loose understanding of the facts, why should anyone take her opinions seriously?

It’s no surprise that Hostin, who has a history of making outrageous and false claims, would defend these anti-Semitic protests. But by trying to downplay the hateful and violent nature of these demonstrations, she is showing her true colors as a far-left activist rather than a credible news commentator.

Hostin’s claims about the pro-Hamas protests are entirely false and show her lack of understanding of the situation. It’s time to call these demonstrations what they really are: anti-Semitic and pro-terrorism, and not just “anti-war.”