Tucker Announces New Show While Hitting Back At Fox- Watch!

In a surprising announcement, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed his plans to launch a new show hosted on Twitter. The news broke after reports emerged of his discussions with Twitter CEO Elon Musk regarding potential collaboration. Carlson made the exciting announcement in a video posted on Twitter, emphasizing the scarcity of free speech platforms in today’s world.

According to Carlson, Twitter stands as the last major platform that nurtures and develops our national conversation. In his video, he highlighted the inclusive nature of Twitter, stating that it welcomes individuals from across the political spectrum. Carlson believes that this openness is a positive attribute and a rare find in the current media landscape. However, he criticized the dominance of mainstream media outlets, which he claimed often function as thinly veiled propaganda machines.

Carlson argued that while Twitter provides a space for public debate, the news shared and discussed on the platform predominantly originates from media organizations that perpetuate a biased narrative. He expressed his dissatisfaction with this system, which appears to offer a debate while retaining gatekeepers who control the flow of information. Carlson firmly believes that this is an inherently flawed approach and expressed his frustration with it.

With great enthusiasm, Carlson announced that he would be bringing a new version of his renowned show, which he has hosted for over six and a half years, to Twitter. He also hinted at additional offerings to be unveiled in due course. Carlson expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to utilize Twitter as a platform for free speech, emphasizing its significance as a fundamental right. To him, the preservation of free speech is crucial since it forms the foundation upon which all other rights are built.

In his video, Carlson highlighted a common issue in the media landscape: the selective omission of crucial information that can drastically change the perception of a story. He illustrated this point by discussing a hypothetical scenario where a man is unjustly arrested for armed robbery. While presenting that information alone might not be factually incorrect, failing to disclose the man’s previous six arrests for the same crime would result in a misleading narrative.

According to the National Review, a letter by Carlson’s attorney was sent to Fox:

Written by attorney Bryan Freedman and addressed to Fox officials Viet Dinh and Irena Briganti, the letter claimed that Fox breached its contract with Carlson, therefore making it excusable for him to start a new media venture. Freedman alleged that Fox staff, including “Rupert Murdoch himself,” reneged on commitments to Carlson “intentionally and with reckless disregard for the truth” that amounted to fraud, Axios said.

As Carlson embarks on his new venture, it is evident that he has been strategizing a media empire of his own. However, the success of his plans hinges upon his ability to secure an early release from his Fox News contract. With his move to Twitter, Carlson joins other notable conservative figures like Matt Walsh, who sought refuge on the platform after experiencing censorship on YouTube.