Video Debunks Photo Posted By Podcaster

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about a topic that’s been buzzing all over the political landscape: Joe Biden’s mental health and its implications for the 2024 election.

Recent polls have shown that a whopping 86 percent of people think he’s too old to run. This isn’t just coming from Republicans—Democrats and independents are noticing that the president from Delaware might be losing more than just a step. You might have heard about the moments when Biden appears to need a bit of help from his wife or even former President Obama, but let’s dive deeper.

Some argue that a specific incident at an LA fundraiser wasn’t indicative of a senior moment for the president, but it’s hard to ignore the broader pattern. The G7 Summit was another example where Biden’s performance raised eyebrows. It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, and the international press took note of his faltering mental capacity.

Back at home, Democrats, the White House, and some media outlets are trying to pivot away from these embarrassing moments. They’re labeling them as misinformation or cheap shots, but the reality seems to tell a different story.

Even some prominent progressives are starting to see a president who’s, well, thoroughly cooked. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, who’s definitely not a Trump fan, has found Biden’s mental issues hard to spin.

Now, let’s bring in another player: Brian Tyler Cohen. In a recent segment with Piers Morgan, Cohen tried to attack Trump for his age by showing a picture of him holding his son’s hand. The attempt backfired spectacularly.

The full video quickly surfaced, showing that Trump had merely stopped to shake his son’s hand. This incident got a Community Note on X, which is like a fact-check that everyone can see, and it made Cohen look like he was spreading misinformation.

Ironically, this is the type of selective editing and misinformation Democrats claim is being used against Biden. But let’s be real here—Biden’s struggles are apparent. He’s often seen as confused, and it seems unlikely he’ll be able to keep up with the rigorous demands of a full-blown campaign. Expect to see a lot of surrogates stepping in to support Biden during the final stretch of the campaign, with the president himself possibly making fewer appearances.

So, as we head toward the 2024 election, keep an eye on how both sides handle these narratives. Will Biden’s team be able to deflect concerns about his mental fitness, or will these issues become a significant hurdle?