Arizona Officials Arrest Eastman

John Eastman, former attorney of President Donald Trump and eminent constitutional legal scholar, was unjustly arrested, charged, and booked in Phoenix for his alleged involvement in the 2020 presidential election.

While voluntarily surrendering and pleading not guilty to conspiracy, fraud, and forgery, Eastman stated that he had no communication with the Arizona electors and no involvement in the legal issues or legislative hearings surrounding the election. He firmly believes that he will be cleared of all charges when the law is fairly applied.

However, the liberal media and the Democratic Attorney General, Kris Mayes, continue their relentless pursuit of Trump and his loyal allies. They have accused Eastman of pressuring the Arizona Legislature to overturn the election results, spreading false claims of widespread fraud, and attempting to convince Vice President Mike Pence to delay the confirmation of lawfully chosen electors. These outrageous and baseless accusations are nothing but a desperate attempt to undermine the legitimacy of our democratic process.

Eastman’s arraignment was marked by unfair and biased questions from the media, including one that attempted to paint Eastman as responsible for jeopardizing 1.7 million votes. Eastman rightly refused to answer such a misleading question. He is the first of the defendants to be arraigned, with most of the others scheduled for May 21st and former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows scheduled for June 7th. Prosecutors have even failed to serve Rudy Giuliani, demonstrating the flimsiness of their case.

Eastman is also facing charges in Fulton County, Georgia, where the liberal district attorney, Fani Willis, has brought RICO charges against him. This is nothing but a politically motivated attack on a highly respected attorney. Eastman’s disbarment trial was a sham, with Judge Yvette Roland, who has funneled donations to a Democratic SuperPAC that fights against election integrity, leading the biased and unjust proceedings.

The trial lasted for over 30 days, and featured testimony from leading experts on election integrity, including physicist and auditor John Droz, retired IT professional Garland Favorito, retired Department of Defense analyst Ray Blehar, and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. These experts provided evidence of numerous instances of election fraud, as listed by Favorito.

Additionally, constitutional law expert and Berkeley professor John Yoo testified about the vice president’s historical authority in accepting electoral slates. Numerous examples throughout history supported his testimony, proving that the vice president does indeed hold substantive authority in this matter.

Eastman’s disbarment is an injustice, and he is currently appealing the decision. Four other states have also charged alternate Republican electors with similar felonies, including fraud, forgery, and conspiracy.

Christina Bobb, Jenna Ellis, Boris Epshteyn, and Michael Roman are among those whose names were initially redacted from the indictment as they had not yet been served. The alternate electors in Arizona, who are also named in the indictment, include distinguished individuals such as Kelli Ward, Michael Ward, and Tyler Bowyer.