Dave Ramsey To Host Summit After Hotel Backs Out

A significant battle has erupted in Nashville as a group of anti-Israel activists have successfully pressured a major hotel to pull out of hosting a pro-Israel event.

The planned three-day conference called the Israel Summit, was set to bring together supporters of Israel and promote the country’s sovereignty over the entire land of Israel. However, due to alleged threats and pressure from anti-Israel groups, the Sonesta Hotel has backed out of hosting the conference, leaving organizers scrambling to find a new venue.

The Palestine Hurra Collective Nashville, a local group pushing for Palestinian rights, called on their followers to contact the hotel and demand the event cancellation. They claimed that the conference would “celebrate the death of civilians and recruit new Zionists” and provided a script for their followers to use when contacting the hotel.

As a result, the hotel received numerous calls and emails, causing them to consult with local law enforcement. The police reportedly warned that attendees could be physically endangered, leading to the hotel canceling the event.

But the story doesn’t end there. Just when it seemed like the Israel Summit would be canceled, renowned personal finance expert Dave Ramsey stepped in to save the day. Not only is he offering to host the event at his own headquarters, but he’s also promising to make it “10 times bigger” than it was initially planned.

“Ramsey Solutions is proud to stand beside our friends from Israel by providing them a safe place to hold their event as our gift to them,” Ramsey Solutions said in a statement.

Dave Ramsey Comes To the Rescue

Despite the threats and pressure, the Israel Summit will go on as planned, now at a bigger and better venue. This is thanks to the perseverance and determination of event organizers, who refuse to be bullied into silence.

“Dave Ramsey reached out and said, ‘You’re going to have it at my place, and we’re going to take this event to a whole new level and make it 10x what it was before,’” Joshua Waller, a host of the Israel Guys podcast who is co-hosting the event, told The Daily Wire. “All of the details have come together, and the event is skyrocketing in numbers.”

“National news has taken on the story, and the stage that we had planned for our Israeli friends has gotten so much bigger than we could have ever dreamed of,” Waller said. “This is the incredible story of bringing Israel to Nashville because so many of the best of Israel now have an incredible place to speak.”

The impressive list of speakers at this event features prominent figures such as former U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Israeli musician Yair Levi. The event will also discuss the issue of Christian support for Israel, something that is often overlooked or ignored by mainstream media.

Unfortunately, it shows the state of our nation when a hotel would stop hosting an event simply because of pressure from radical groups. This clearly violates religious discrimination and goes against Tennessee state law and the Civil Rights Act.

The Sonesta Hotel decision sets a dangerous precedent, showing that fear-mongering and threats can successfully shut down events and silence opposing viewpoints. Kudos to Ramsey Solutions for standing up for what is right and refusing to be intimidated.