Biden Addresses Trump During Speech In SC

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent campaign stop in South Carolina was filled with moments of incoherence and anger, showcasing a man who appears to be struggling to keep it together. It’s no secret that Biden has always been a gaffe machine, but his recent decline seems to be on a whole new level.

During his speech, Biden seemed to blank out and stumble over his words, leaving the audience confused and concerned. He even suggested that if he were smart, he would simply thank them and leave, further highlighting his current state of mind.

But perhaps the most alarming moment came when he attempted to tackle the issue of inflation. Instead of taking responsibility for the rising prices and blaming his own overspending, Biden chose to deflect and place the blame on corporations for being greedy. He even went so far as to coin the terms “Greedflation” and “Shrinkflation,” in an obvious attempt to shift the focus away from his own failure as a leader.

What makes this all the more concerning is that it’s becoming increasingly clear that Biden is not in control of his own thoughts and words. He stumbled over his sentences and repeated himself, making it apparent that he was struggling to keep up with the teleprompter. This raises serious questions about his ability to effectively lead the country.

But perhaps the most disturbing moment of all was when Biden went off on a tangent about a debunked hoax involving former President Donald Trump. He claimed that Trump referred to fallen American soldiers as “suckers and losers,” which has been proven false time and time again. Yet, Biden stood there and screamed about it, even going as far as to include his own son, who did not die in battle, in the group of fallen soldiers.

This is not the first time Biden has made false statements about his son’s military service, and it’s becoming increasingly concerning that he either believes these falsehoods or is intentionally spreading them for political gain. Either way, it’s clear that Biden is not mentally fit to hold the highest office in the land.

It’s time for Democrats to face the truth and acknowledge that Joe Biden is not capable of fulfilling his duties as President. It’s not just a political difference, it’s a safety concern for the American people. We cannot afford to have someone in charge who is clearly not well and is losing control of their own thoughts.