Tensions Flare In NYC During Protest

Oh, the joys of living in New York City. The hustle, the bustle, the traffic…and now, the anti-Israel protesters. It seems like every day there’s a new demonstration blocking the streets and causing chaos for innocent commuters. And this time, a fed-up driver decided he was not going to take it lying down.

In the latest installment of “Traffic Rage: New York City Edition,” a driver was caught on video giving a group of anti-Israel protesters a piece of his mind. And his fists. The man was just trying to cross the Manhattan Bridge to get home to his daughter in Brooklyn. But no, these protesters just had to go and disrupt traffic with their obnoxious chants and signs.

“Don’t touch my car,” he told one protester who was standing near the driver’s side window. “You’re disrupting traffic, idiots. You can’t do that. That’s against the law.”

But of course, the protesters didn’t care. They continued to block the way, approaching the man’s car and causing him to fear for his safety. In a moment of frustration and desperation, he finally got out of his car and pushed one of them to the ground. You can’t just impede traffic and not expect some pushback, folks.

The man then began pushing the other demonstrators standing in his way, yelling, “Get away from my car! I have a daughter in Brooklyn! Get the f*** out of the way … I have to get home!”

And speaking of impeding traffic, this is not the first time these anti-Israel protesters have caused chaos on the streets of the Big Apple. Just last week, they decided to “flood” JFK airport with their “pro-Palestine” demonstration, causing delays and mayhem for innocent travelers trying to catch their flights. How thoughtful.

And let’s not forget the over 300 arrests made by police during these protests. Looks like these activists have a lot of free time on their hands to block bridges and tunnels and wreak havoc on the city. Maybe instead of causing disruptions, they could use their time to educate themselves on the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Just a thought.

But no, these “activists” would rather cause chaos and inconvenience for innocent bystanders. Because nothing says “I care about human rights” like making the lives of everyday people a living hell. Maybe they should try protesting in front of the embassies of countries like China or North Korea, who actually have atrocious human rights records.