New Philly Mayor Makes Big Changes

On Tuesday morning, Leslie Marant, the Philadelphia Police Department’s first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, was fired by then-acting Commissioner John M. Stanford. This occurred shortly before the swearing-in of Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel and Mayor Cherelle Parker. Marant had only been in her position for less than a year, starting in April 2022.

According to a source with knowledge of the dismissal, Stanford informed Marant that Bethel would be restructuring the department and her services would no longer be needed. The exact reasons for her termination were not disclosed by the department, citing their policy to not comment on personnel matters.

The Philadelphia Police Department has stated that they will continue to have a DEI office and it will remain active under Bethel’s administration. However, they will be conducting a national search for a permanent replacement for Marant’s position. The department also announced that they will be appointing an interim director in the meantime. Bethel’s administration has not commented on the situation and Parker’s spokesperson stated that they will not be commenting as it is a police department personnel matter.

Marant’s role in the department was to oversee their DEI efforts at all levels and develop plans to prioritize DEI within the organization. However, she did not have any previous law enforcement experience before starting in her position as the department’s DEI officer. According to a presentation by former Commissioner Outlaw, Marant’s base salary was $170,569.

It is also worth noting that Marant’s dismissal occurred on the same day as the swearing-in ceremony for new Police Commissioner Bethel and Mayor Parker. This coincidence may lead some to question if the decision was politically motivated or if it was part of a larger plan by the new administration to make changes within the department.

It‘s a case of out with the old and in with the new for the Philadelphia Police Department as their first diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, Leslie Marant, was swiftly fired. The reasoning behind the sudden dismissal is unknown, but the department cites a restructuring under new leadership as the cause.

Marant, who had no prior law enforcement experience, was hired by former Commissioner Danielle Outlaw but was let go before the swearing-in of new Commissioner Kevin Bethel and Mayor Cherelle Parker. The department plans to continue its DEI efforts under Bethel‘s administration, but it remains to be seen who will fill Marant‘s shoes.

The Philadelphia Inquirer