Biden Admin Preps Lawsuit In Light Of New Texas Law

In recent months, the state of Texas has taken a firm stance against illegal immigration by implementing an “arrest and jail” operation aimed at deterring individuals from entering the United States through its southern border.

This operation has resulted in the arrest and jailing of approximately 10,000 immigrants, all of whom have been charged with misdemeanor trespassing under state laws passed in 2021. Governor Greg Abbott has been a vocal advocate for stricter immigration policies, and has recently signed new legislation that will further empower Texas law enforcement to combat the growing crisis at the southern border.

This legislation, set to take effect in March, will make entering the US illegally a state violation and allow Texas authorities to arrest individuals anywhere within the state. However, the Biden administration has threatened to sue Texas over this new law, claiming it is unconstitutional and will disrupt federal operations.

The record numbers of law enforcement encounters with immigrants at the southern border, released just before the holiday weekend, suggest that Governor Abbott’s efforts may not have had the desired effect yet.

In fact, a new migrant surge is currently building with an estimated 8,000 individuals from 24 countries making their way to the US border. Some organizers of this caravan claim that the number could nearly double by the time it reaches the border.

Despite these concerning numbers, the Biden administration continues to ignore the crisis at the border and instead chooses to focus on legal action against states like Texas that are trying to address the issue head-on. They are even threatening to sue Texas if the state does not assure federal officials by early January that they will not enforce the new immigration law.

SB4, the strictest state immigration law in modern US history, makes unauthorized immigration a state crime and allows for harsh penalties, including jail time and fines. It also allows Texas magistrates to order the return of migrants to Mexico, a country that has already stated they will not accept such returns from state officials. Despite its strong stance on illegal immigration, Texas leaders have also expressed concerns that this law could lead to racial profiling and potentially harm public safety efforts.

Texas is taking a proactive approach to address the growing crisis at the border, while the Biden administration seemingly continues to turn a blind eye to the situation. The high number of illegal entries at the southern border has overwhelmed law enforcement and diverted resources away from more pressing matters such as combating crime and drugs. Governor Abbott and other supporters of SB4 have argued that such measures will deter illegal crossings and protect American citizens.

Dailywire | CBS News