Biden Begs Beijing to Cool It as Pelosi Eyes Taiwan Trip

In this unfathomably tumultuous world of ours, there are no shortage of nation who want nothing more than for the the United States to suffer.

Call it jealousy, opportunism, or a simple disdain for the tenets of liberty, but the authoritarian nations around the the globe have long sought to make trouble to the US.  In the 21st century, the most notable offenders have been Russia and China, with the latter having been a major thorn in the side of the Biden administration for some time.

Now, as China continues to threaten the US over a potential diplomatic trip to Taiwan being taken by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Biden will be forced to call up his old pals in Beijing and beg for mercy.

President Biden is expected to have a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week, the White House said, calling the United States’ relationship with Beijing “one of the most consequential bilateral relationships in the world,” as U.S. officials double down on their warnings that China poses the greatest long-term threat to U.S. national security.

“This is one of the most consequential bilateral relationships in the world and in one of the most important parts of the world,” White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said Tuesday.

Kirby could not give a “specific” date and time for the call between Biden and Xi, but said he expects it to happen “probably this week.”

Biden’s call will include quite a few topics.

Kirby said Biden and Xi would discuss “everything from the tensions over Taiwan to the war in Ukraine, as well as how we better manage competition between our two nations, certainly in the economic sphere.”

“There’s a host of issues, and this is a discussion that, quite frankly, has been playing for a long time,” Kirby said, noting that Biden and Xi have a “pretty robust agenda of things” to discuss.

Biden is also reportedly working behind the scenes to deter Nancy Pelosi from taking her aforementioned trip to Taiwan – a move that would almost certainly incense the CCP.