Boebert Moves for Biden Impeachment

In a bold move that has captured the attention of Washington, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden on Tuesday, invoking a procedural tactic that will compel the House to hold a floor vote on the resolution. The articles centered around Biden’s handling of immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border, come amidst mounting concerns over national security and the administration’s approach to border control.

Addressing the House floor, Boebert stated, “President Biden’s negligence of duty has resulted in the surrender of operational control of the border to the complete and total control of foreign criminal cartels, putting the lives of American citizens in jeopardy.” Her impeachment resolution accuses Biden of dereliction of duty, asserting that his administration has consistently violated federal immigration law by pursuing an aggressive open-border agenda.

Unlike previous impeachment efforts, Boebert’s procedural tactic ensures that every member of Congress will be compelled to vote on holding President Biden accountable for his alleged actions. This maneuver aims to force lawmakers to take a stand on the pressing issues surrounding immigration and border security.

The introduction of the impeachment resolution coincided with the revelation of a plea agreement for Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, who faces charges related to misdemeanor tax offenses and a felony firearm crime. This development further intensifies the scrutiny on the Biden administration and adds weight to Boebert’s case for impeachment.

While the House Speaker’s office did not provide an immediate comment on the timing of the floor vote, House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark indicated in an email to colleagues that a procedure vote on tabling the resolution is expected to take place this week. A motion to table the resolution would effectively block Boebert’s efforts to move forward with the impeachment process.

Critics argue that the impeachment attempt is a baseless political stunt. White House spokesperson Ian Sams dismissed the move, stating that “extreme House Republicans are staging baseless political stunts that do nothing to help real people and only serve to get themselves attention.”

President Biden’s handling of the southern border crossings has drawn bipartisan criticism, with Republicans and some Democrats voicing concerns over border security and the rollback of the Trump-era policy known as Title 42. The Biden administration, however, has defended its border policies, highlighting a decrease in the number of daily border crossings since the lifting of Title 42.

Previously, Republicans introduced impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, but those efforts did not progress to a floor vote. Another impeachment attempt in May by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene focused on the administration’s handling of migrant crossings but did not require a floor vote.

Rep. Boebert’s use of the procedural tactic, similar to the one employed by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna last week, demonstrates the growing frustration among Republican lawmakers over the perceived lack of accountability within the Democratic-controlled House. While Luna’s effort to censure and fine Rep. Adam Schiff was blocked, she indicated that a separate measure without the fine is set to receive a vote, with enough GOP support for it to pass.

As tensions continue to rise on Capitol Hill, the stage is set for a heated floor vote that will determine whether Rep. Boebert’s impeachment resolution against President Biden gains traction or faces staunch opposition from Democrats.

NBC News