Biden To Take A Less Formal Approach Says Report

Since taking office, President Joe Biden has shown a clear pattern of avoiding the press and dodging tough questions. In fact, his staff has gone to great lengths to shield him from the prying eyes and probing questions of the White House Press Corps.

According to a report from Axios, Biden’s team has implemented a new safeguard to prevent the press from getting near the president as he makes the short walk across the White House lawn to and from Marine One. This move is clearly an effort to control the narrative and hide any signs of the president’s age or physical limitations.

To minimize any potential embarrassment, Biden is now surrounded by staffers or lawmakers almost every time he makes the trip across the lawn. In a move to prevent any potential falls or slips, Biden has even opted for sturdier athletic shoes with better treads.

This is a far cry from Biden and his team’s promises of transparency during the campaign. Instead of facing tough questions and holding regular press conferences, Biden has opted to sequester himself, granting only a few interviews to friendly outlets.

This lack of press availability has drawn criticism from even liberal media outlets. New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger calls it a dangerous precedent that future presidents could use to avoid scrutiny and accountability.

Biden and his team are deliberately restricting access to the president to maintain control over the message and avoid any potential missteps. This is a sharp contrast to former President Donald Trump, who was constantly engaging with the press and answering tough questions.

But this strategy of avoiding the press and limiting transparency is not only concerning, it also goes against the fundamental principles of democracy. A free and open press is essential for holding our leaders accountable and ensuring transparency in government.