Candace Owens Blunt Response Leaves Campus Crowd Erupting!

In a spirited exchange during the Turning Point USA “LIVE FREE” tour at the University at Albany, conservative commentator and Daily Wire host Candace Owens addressed a question from a student who expressed concerns about the impact of Owens’ presence on transgender students. The incident unfolded as Owens, eight months pregnant, fielded a query about the perceived victimization of students who do not identify with their gender due to her being on campus.

The student asked, “What do you have to say to the trans students here who actively feel victimized by your presence, here?” Owens, known for her unapologetic and straightforward style, responded with characteristic bluntness. “Life’s tough, get a helmet, man. I’m too pregnant for this,” she quipped, drawing applause from the gathered crowd. The exchange was captured on video and quickly gained traction, amassing nearly two million views within hours.

Despite being heavily pregnant with two toddlers at home, Owens showed no inclination to soften her stance. She dismissed the notion of being a source of victimization for transgender students and asserted, “If you are a 20-year-old adult who feels ‘actively victimized’ by my standing on stage to speak about social and economic conservatism, it is because your parents failed you, entirely.”

Owens, the founder of the BLEXIT movement, emphasized that her role is not to coddle adults and suggested that individuals feeling victimized should seek resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Her response underscored her commitment to advocating for conservative principles while dismissing the idea that her presence should be perceived as a threat.