China Makes Harrowing Threat as Pelosi Confirms Taiwan Visit

After months of speculation as to what could trigger World War III, it appears as though the burden will fall to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi is currently on a diplomatic jaunt to the far east, and has been repeatedly suggesting that she has considered visiting Taiwan in her travels.  This has caused a great deal of angst in Beijing, however, as China continues to deny that Taiwan is an independent territory.

Now, as Pelosi is now dead set on setting foot in Taipei, China is warning that things could get very ugly.

After rampant speculation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be visiting Taiwan and meeting with government officials this week, according to reports, and the former editor of a Chinese state-run publication has issued a dire warning.

While certain details remain up in the air, Pelosi is expected to go to Taiwan following her current stop in Singapore. She is reported to have planned meetings with Taiwanese officials and others on Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

“She’s definitely coming,” a person familiar with the situation told the Wall Street Journal. “The only variable is whether she spends the night in Taipei.”

China’s response was troubling.

“China will take resolute and strong measures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. As for what measures exactly we will take, let’s wait and see if she dares making the visit,” as spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry said about the possibility of Pelosi going to Taiwan.

The repeated threats from China has been steadily escalating in severity, and Pelosi’s visit may just be the trigger that sends Beijing over the edge.