Comedian Kathy Griffin Admits ‘Extreme Case’ of PTSD

Kathy Griffin, a left-wing comedian known for her controversial and often divisive statements, recently revealed that she has been struggling with an extreme case of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that arose shortly after the intense backlash she faced over a photograph in which she held a bloodied Trump severed head. In an Instagram video, Griffin opened up about her ongoing battle with mental health, using a blurred filter that she said reflected how she feels internally.

Griffin stated that she has been plagued with terrifying panic attacks that last for days and cause her to vomit quite a bit, often requiring a visit to the ER for IV fluids. The comedian admitted feeling silly sharing her struggles, as she had always believed PTSD was something reserved for veterans and people who had experienced severe trauma. However, she decided to share her story to raise awareness and help others who may be struggling.

This isn’t the first time Griffin has opened up about her mental health struggles following the 2017 photo that resulted in her cancellation. In a 2021 interview with ABC News’ Nightline, Griffin stated that the backlash and being told to leave the country for five years due to her actions made her contemplate suicide and struggle with drug addiction. She also spoke about the impact the photo had on her career and how people in her own industry had turned against her.

Despite this, Griffin has remained an outspoken advocate for left-wing politics. In the 2018 midterms, she heavily campaigned for Democrats and even suggested that a civil war would erupt if Republicans won. She has also faced criticism for advocating for physical violence against Trump by suggesting someone use a syringe on him “with the air inside” – a potentially lethal act.

While it’s plausible that Griffin’s outspoken political views have contributed to her mental health struggles, it is clear that she is still fighting to overcome the impact of the controversy that ended her career as she knew it.