Disney Star Under Fire For Shocking Controversy

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, actor Josh Gad, renowned for his role as the voice of Olaf in Disney’s “Frozen,” has found himself at the center of controversy and facing personal threats after expressing support for Israel. The 42-year-old actor, who was raised Jewish, took to his Threads platform to share his thoughts on the recent terrorist attacks by Hamas and the subsequent violence in the region.

Gad’s initial post expressed his shock and heartbreak over the terrorist organization’s actions, which resulted in the loss of innocent lives and the taking of hostages. He revealed that, despite his history of being critical of the Israeli government’s policies, he had been personally attacked, shamed, unfollowed, and threatened for his stance.

In a series of posts, Gad lamented the divisive nature of the discourse surrounding the conflict. He criticized the tendency to treat the situation as if it were a sports competition, with people waving flags as if they were team jerseys, while lives were lost and families devastated on both sides. The actor highlighted the human toll of the conflict, emphasizing the plight of innocent children and families caught in the crossfire.

“Yesterday, I and the world watched as a Terrorist organization massacred 600 innocent humans and took children and families hostage. I posted a message of heartbreak and shock. I, who have always been critical of the Israeli Government and its pattern of occupation and their attacks on innocent Gazans was personally attacked, shamed, unfollowed and threatened.”

Gad continued, “Instead of compassion & humanity, people are treating this as if it’s a FOOTBALL match with two teams when the points scored are dead human bodies/ Waving flags around as if they are team jerseys. Have we lost our f**king minds? Somewhere in a basement right now, tied up and terrified are little CHILDREN who have never done anything to hurt a Palestinian. Somewhere on the streets of Gaza are innocent people who are being shelled, because terrorists decided it was best to destroy any opportunity for peace.”

Gad went on to share some of the disturbing messages he received, including one expressing regret that more Israelis weren’t killed. He condemned the divisive rhetoric, stating that the situation was not a war but a massacre, a bloodbath with no winners and everyone, particularly Israelis and Palestinians, emerging as losers.

The actor’s original Threads post, which triggered the backlash, conveyed his deep concern for his family members in Israel and described the unfolding events as unprecedented since the Yom Kippur War. He expressed sorrow for the families who lost loved ones and those who were taken hostage, labeling the day as horrific.