Disney Under Fire: Conservative Media Company Launches New Platform!

The Daily Wire, a conservative media company, has launched Bentkey, a new kids’ entertainment platform. The announcement, made by Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing, coincides with the 100th anniversary of Disney’s founding and comes at a time when Disney is facing criticism for its perceived political leanings and changes in its content.

Bentkey is positioned as a family-friendly alternative, with a commitment to providing children with content that is free from political messaging and focused on imagination, adventure, and joy. The platform offers a variety of shows, including four original productions, with new episodes released every Saturday morning and an ongoing addition of new series.

Jeremy Boreing, speaking from Lake Bled in Slovenia during his leave of absence as co-CEO of The Daily Wire, highlighted the apparent shift in Disney’s values. He criticized Disney for embracing political and social messages, suggesting that they have abandoned the legacy of their founder, Walt Disney, who had a love for America. Boreing stated, “Disney controls the greatest content library ever created,” emphasizing the company’s vast influence in the entertainment industry.

Bentkey’s name is inspired by a bent key that Boreing has worn for nearly three decades and was launched separately from The Daily Wire’s main app, DailyWire+. Unlike the parent company’s focus on political and cultural controversies, Bentkey’s mission is to create a timeless and wholesome experience for children and their families.

This announcement is not the first time The Daily Wire has stepped into the world of kids’ entertainment. Just over a year ago, they pledged a significant investment of $100 million into this sector.

Amid Disney’s recent controversies, including leaked footage revealing discussions about introducing more “queerness” and radical racial messages in children’s content, Boreing declared The Daily Wire’s plans to produce its live-action adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairytale, “Snow White and the Evil Queen.” The film, set to release in 2024, marks The Daily Wire’s foray into feature-length kids’ entertainment and stars Brett Cooper, a popular YouTube host from The Daily Wire.

Boreing expressed his belief that Disney’s new “Snow White” is an apology for their past, suggesting it would expose children to what he sees as destructive lies of the current moment. He sees his own adaptation of the classic fairytale as a return to the timeless values of love, beauty, and kindness.

The launch of Bentkey signifies The Daily Wire’s ambitious attempt to challenge the dominance of Disney in the kids’ entertainment industry. Boreing acknowledges the vast difference in scale but hopes to replicate Disney’s beginnings as “a little studio with big ideas and the courage to chase them.”

The Bentkey streaming app is available on various platforms, including desktop, iOS, Android, AppleTV, Roku, and FireTV, offering a growing library of content designed to provide families with a trusted and enriching experience for their children.

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