DISTURBING: Vineyard Citizens Privately Say ‘No Migrants’ on Island

When dozens of unexpected migrants found themselves flown into Martha’s Vineyard this week, the community appeared to be pitching in wholesale to accommodate them.

But, much like the contrived white picket fences and manicured lawns of the Vineyard, the outreach was only skin deep – at least according to what residents told reporters “off the record”.

A Spanish TV reporter for Telemundo said Martha’s Vineyard residents privately admitted to not wanting migrants on the island.

Speaking outside St. Andrew’s church where the 50 migrants that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) shipped up to the elite liberal vacation spot, Cristina Londoño Rooney of Telemundo said that residents refused to be interviewed on camera about their displeasure with the situation for fear of appearing “inhumane.”

The claims were damning.

“A furious man passed by just a short time ago. He said that his children had to leave this island because there are no jobs or housing, and now they bring these migrants over, deceiving them with those promises,” she said.

“There are also others who blame the Biden Administration, saying it’s their fault, they don’t want the migrants here. But they don’t want to speak on-camera, either because they don’t want to be depicted as inhumane.”

The reporting certainly contradicts the show that the resident of Martha’s Vineyard put on for the cameras on Thursday, and reveals just how brilliant this political demonstration was.