Fauci Gets Humiliated During Outing – WATCH

A recent visit to Washington, DC by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Mayor Muriel Bowser has sparked outrage among conservatives. The duo was there to promote the COVID19 vaccine, but the visit has been met with skepticism and criticism from the Republican Party.

During their visit, Fauci and Bowser were confronted by citizens who questioned the efficacy of the vaccine and the motivations behind it. One woman asked if the vaccine could prevent her from getting the virus, to which Fauci responded that it wasvery, very good at protecting you.

However, the conversation took a more contentious turn when one man asserted thatthe people in America are not settled with the information thats been given to us right now. He continued, saying that nine months was not enough time to develop the vaccine and that it wassomething else going on.

Mayor Bowser interjected, claiming that the only reason the two were able to stand so close was because she had been vaccinated. The man replied thatYour campaign is about fear; its about inciting fear in people; you all attack people with fear. Thats what this pandemic is!

Fauci later remarked that some Republicanled states were refusing to get vaccinated because theydont like being told what to do, which angered many conservatives. They argued that Fauci and the government were using fear tactics to push the vaccine, and that their campaign was not about safety, but about control.

Republicans believe that the government should not be forcing people to take the vaccine, as it is a personal decision. They argue that the vaccine should be voluntary and that the government should be providing more information about the potential side effects and risks associated with the vaccine. Many also want the government to be more transparent and to provide people with the necessary information to make an informed decision.