Governor’s Bold Move to Save Trapped Americans!

In a swift and decisive move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis initiated an airlift operation to rescue 300 American citizens trapped in Israel, with their return scheduled for Sunday night in Florida. The Republican presidential candidate, accompanied by Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis, is expected to personally welcome the evacuees at Tampa International Airport, as reported by The Messenger.

The operation was set in motion following Hamas’ deadly terror attacks in Israel last weekend, resulting in the tragic loss of over two dozen American lives. Governor DeSantis wasted no time, signing an executive order on Thursday, granting the state authority to conduct rescue and evacuation operations in the troubled region.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s response, Governor DeSantis took a direct jab at President Joe Biden, citing a lackluster reaction to the foreign policy disaster that unfolded under his watch. In the executive order, DeSantis criticized the administration’s failure to launch any rescue or evacuation operations for stranded Americans, including Floridians. He also highlighted the administration’s reluctance to provide information to the State of Florida regarding plans for such operations.

Governor DeSantis accused President Biden of merely facilitating the departure of individuals from the region, subsequently depositing them in Europe. He alleged that this was done only after coercing them into signing waivers, committing to repay the U.S. government for the provided flights.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management, recognizing the urgency of the situation, announced its intention to step in and assist those left stranded by what it referred to as the Biden administration’s “weak response.” In a post on X Sunday night, the division extended a helping hand to individuals stranded in Athens, offering safe transportation back to the United States.

Jeremy Redfern, DeSantis’ Press Secretary, urged affected individuals to take advantage of the assistance offered by the Florida Division of Emergency Management. In a statement, he emphasized, “If the Biden Administration dumped you in Athens, fill out the form at the link below.”