Halloween Burglars Nabbed After Police Follow Candy Trail

Just in time for Halloween, police have nabbed a number of literal sticky-fingered bandits after they were less than diligent about their getaway.

The story comes to us from just south of Atlanta, where the group of thieves fell victim to an accidental Hansel and Gretel situation.

Police in Georgia busted a group of alleged burglars after they discovered a trail of candy wrappers that led them directly to the suspects. According to a local media report, the odd case reportedly occurred earlier this month in the city of Newnan when a resident reported that someone had broken into their home. Among the items that were taken by the thieves were some clothes, four guns, a chainsaw, and a bag of Milky Way candy bars. Those pilfered treats wound up proving to be something of a smoking gun after cops searched a forested area near the resident’s home and noticed a wrapper on the ground. Suspecting that it had come from the stolen bag of Milky Ways, officers soon found that it was not the only one that had been left behind in the forest.

The story was almost comical.

“We were able to walk a little bit further and find another wrapper. And so on and so forth,” explained investigator Christian Spinks, “and it just formed a trail, and it showed us exactly where the individuals had walked.” The path of trash ultimately led officers to a mobile home park where they subsequently arrested eight individuals and a juvenile suspect for what authorities believe were multiple burglaries.

The local newscasters had a ball with the story as well: