Hawley Speaks to Protestors

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) shared a video on social media exposing a group of anti-Israel activists who were causing chaos on Capitol Hill. In the video, Hawley confronts the activists and accuses them of being funded by China.

The video posted on X shows Hawley boldly calling out the group, some of whom had red paint on their hands to symbolize blood. He immediately asks them if they are affiliated with Code Pink, a far-left organization notorious for their support of anti-Israel movements.

Hawley then proceeds to call out the group for receiving funding from China and asks them if they believe China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs. However, instead of giving a direct answer, the activists seem to evade the question and try to divert the conversation.

Hawley refuses to let them off the hook and demands them to stop taking money from Beijing. He even calls the group “astroturf wackos” for their ridiculous and misguided views.

The senator’s confrontation with the anti-Israel activists highlights the issue of foreign involvement in American political movements. This is a growing concern as more and more evidence shows that foreign actors, particularly China, are trying to influence American policies and opinions.

“The anti-Israel Code Pink crazies are back roaming the halls of the Senate calling Israel a terrorist state. But when I confront them about all their dirty funding from China — they get suddenly tongue-tied,” Hawley said. “They ‘don’t know’ if the Uyghur genocide is real! Astroturf wackos.”

In fact, Hawley shared a New York Times report from August, which revealed that Code Pink received donations from groups linked to a U.S. tech mogul who has been pushing Chinese propaganda. This is concerning, as Code Pink was once a staunch critic of China’s human rights record but now defends its actions towards the Uyghur population.

In light of these revelations, Hawley called for investigations into who is funding student groups behind anti-Israel protests on college campuses.

Unfortunately, the left-wing media has been largely silent on these issues and has even tried to downplay or dismiss the concern of foreign interference.