Jill Biden Responds To Report

The news about President Biden’s memory struggles keeps getting worse and worse. Not only does he have trouble remembering basic details about his life, he seems to have completely forgotten details about his son’s death. In a shocking report from Special Counsel Robert Hur, it was revealed that Biden could not even remember the year his son, Beau, passed away.

The first lady, Jill Biden, was quick to lash out at Hur, claiming that including this detail in the report was simply a ploy to score “political points.” In an email to campaign donors, Jill Biden tried to dismiss the serious concerns about her husband’s mental state by stating that the “grief of losing a child is not measured in years.” However, many feel Jill should focus on being a supportive wife and not make excuses for her husband’s incompetence.

In an interview last month, Jill Biden claimed she’s not worried about her husband’s age and health, even though it’s clear to the rest of us that he’s struggling. In fact, many have seen an alarming increase in the decline of Biden’s cognitive abilities. This continuation of lies does not do any favors to the President or the American People to continue the facade that everything is fine with Biden.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not buying the Bidens’ excuses either. When asked if he believes Biden should step aside after the special counsel’s report, Kennedy had some strong words. He suggested that someone in the Biden family or staff should “assist him in gently stepping down.”

But Kennedy didn’t stop there. He also suggested that the First Lady should have a more active role in gently persuading her husband to step down. Jill should be more concerned about her husband’s health and well-being rather than trying to spin the news in their favor. Maybe she should also focus on getting her husband to participate in unscripted discussions and debates with his challengers if he truly believes he is fit to run for re-election. The American people deserve to know the truth before casting their votes.

It’s not just Kennedy who’s questioning Biden’s abilities. Even other press outlets are reporting on rumblings in the Democratic party about potentially replacing the president with someone else. Names like Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have been thrown around. There are serious doubts about whether Biden is capable of leading this country, and the Democrats are starting to realize it.

What’s even more disturbing is that Biden is still trying to push his far-left agenda, completely ignoring the concerns about his mental state. It’s almost as if he’s living in denial, or perhaps he just doesn’t care about the well-being of our nation as long as he gets to be president. Either way, it’s clear that he is not fit to hold the highest office in the land.

The American people deserve a president who is sharp, capable, and mentally fit to make important decisions. It’s time for the Bidens to stop making excuses and start facing the reality of their situation. This is not just about politics or scoring “political points,” this is about the future of our country. We cannot afford to have a president who struggles to remember basic details, let alone lead our nation.

Townhall | Fox News