Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Reveals BOMBSHELL About Trump’s Ban

When then-President Donald Trump found himself kicked off of Twitter at the tail end of his first term, the nation he served was shook.

This was the leader of the free world being arbitrarily silenced by the liberal left and their stranglehold on the hive mind of Silicon Valley.

Now, as Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media platform continues to drag Twitter’s dirty laundry out into the light, we are getting new information about the decision-making process when it came to dumping Trump, and just how backwards the whole thing was.

The latest installment of the “Twitter Files,” a series of disclosures lifting the curtain on Twitter’s internal wrangling ahead of controversial censorship decisions, reveals more details on the decision to ban Donald Trump from the platform in January 2021.

The disclosures, given to former New York Times writer Bari Weiss, reveal that members of Twitter’s Trust & Safety department did not believe that the former President violated any rules on the day that he was banned, only for this determination to be overruled following an intervention by arch-progressive Vijaya Gadde.

That wasn’t all…

The disclosures also reveal that CEO Jack Dorsey was involved in the decision to suspend Trump’s account, putting an end to longstanding rumors that Gadde had taken the decision herself while Dorsey was on vacation and unreachable.

But these employees were drowned out by a louder chorus, which demanded, among other things, that Twitter should view Trump as the “leader of a terrorist group.”

The tweets that saw Trump removed from the platform were deemed a “clear non-violation” of the platform’s policies, but this fact was overruled by Gadde and used as an excuse for booting the President off of the site.