Mexico Sends Stark Message to the U.S. on the Border Security Issue

In a symbolic gesture, the Mexican government has placed a fragment of the Berlin Wall in close proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana. The move, led by Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero and former Mexican foreign secretary Marcelo Ebrard, sends a clear message to advocates of border security in the United States.

During a ceremony held last month, the shard of the Soviet wall was installed, accompanied by a plaque at its base bearing the words of Mayor Caballero, which read, “May this be a lesson to build a society that knocks down walls and builds bridges.”

This poignant act comes against the backdrop of ongoing efforts by the United States to expand its border barriers along the nearly 2,000-mile divide between the two nations. It’s worth noting that unlike the U.S. border wall, the Berlin Wall was originally erected by an occupying power to divide a nation against itself.

“Why in Tijuana? How many families have shed blood, labor, and their lives to get past the wall?” Mayor Caballero questioned. “The social and political conflict is different than the Berlin Wall, but it’s a wall at the end of the day. And a wall is always a sphinx that divides and bloodies nations.”

The Biden administration has faced considerable challenges in addressing the flow of migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border during his tenure. At one point earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of migrants were illegally entering the United States each month.

In July, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 183,503 migrant encounters, indicating a persistent issue at the border. Acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller stated, “We remain vigilant and continue to adjust our operational plans to maximize enforcement efforts against those individuals who do not use lawful pathways or processes, knowing that smugglers continue to use disinformation to prey on vulnerable individuals.”

Despite the symbolism of the Berlin Wall fragment, Mayor Caballero acknowledged the necessity for the United States to enforce its own borders. However, she emphasized that the wall, in her view, represents “violence” and “family separation.”

Fox News