The Controversial Meeting Behind Closed Doors at VP Harris’ Home

Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a gathering of prominent Democratic donors, including Alex Soros, the heir to George Soros, at her private residence in May 2023, according to White House visitor logs released late last week. The logs reveal that the event took place on May 31 and was attended by several influential figures within the Democratic Party.

The entry in the visitor logs indicates that Alex Soros, listed as “Soros,” visited Harris at her private residence, referred to as “1st Floor VPR.” In addition to Soros, the gathering included supermodel Savannah Huitema and seven other high-profile Democratic donors.

Alex Soros took to the social media platform “X” (formerly Twitter) on June 6 to share a photograph of himself with Vice President Harris, publicly acknowledging their meeting. Prior to the release of the visitor logs, the specific details of this gathering had remained undisclosed.

This meeting marked the 21st recorded interaction between Alex Soros and members of President Biden’s administration, as reported by an analysis conducted by the Washington Free Beacon. Soros’s tweet read, “Great to catch up with Madame Vice President, Kamala Harris!”

According to the visitor logs, Soros and the other guests arrived at the vice president’s residence at 4 p.m. and departed at midnight, indicating a lengthy and substantial gathering.

The revelation of this meeting garnered attention from conservative media outlets and drew comments from political figures, including Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who expressed skepticism about the influence of the Soros family in politics. Logan Dobson, a political operative, questioned whether it remained offensive to suggest that the Soros family wields significant influence within the Democratic Party.

Notably, Alex Soros has maintained close connections with Democratic lawmakers, which he frequently highlights on social media platforms. His Instagram account showcases numerous photos of him alongside prominent House and Senate Democrats between 2018 and 2022.

Alex Soros’s visit to Vice President Harris’s residence occurred shortly before he publicly announced his takeover of the Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization established by his father, George Soros. Alex Soros is considered by some to hold even more progressive views than his father, marking a potential shift in the direction of the philanthropic group’s activities.

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